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Job Openings

We are currently hiring for a full time team member!

Our ideal candidate would be someone seeking full-time, long-term employment. We are located in the heart of Glastonbury, Connecticut, so we ask that you have reliable transportation. We would love to work alongside someone who is drama-free (ain't nobody got time for that!), committed to the success of the store, passionate about small business, and wants to be a part of a tight knit work environment. Our values in character would be someone who is an efficient, thorough, reliable, and joyful worker, and someone who is a safe, considerate, and supportive co-worker.

A day in the life: Some things to expect while working with us would be daily restocking of merchandise sold the day prior, learning Quick Books for check out, wrapping gifts, merchandising, cleaning, providing exceptional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic customer service, ensuring that our store maintains a beautiful easy-to-shop appearance, with other tasks being added and evolving with time and experience.

The perks!:
- We are not pushy sales people! No competition among employees for commission. People come back to us for our customer service!
- Drama- free!
- 10 paid flex days after 6 months full-time employment
- 50% off discount both here and at Pinwheels Toys & Games!
- Beautiful work environment
- We create a monthly schedule (vs. weekly or bi-weekly) to provide consistency and security in your ability to plan for events outside of work (appointments, etc.)

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